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Lesson 4 - Plucking Exercise 1

This lesson will form a very important part of your skillset to play guitar. I will cover a number of common plucking pattern for pop songs and also exercises for you to practise.

Most common questions beginners asked about plucking will be:
  • How to pluck this song?
  • What is the plucking pattern of this song?
  • How you know this song is pluck like that?

The answer is there is no fix plucking pattern for any songs. Just as long as the plucking pattern suits the feel of this song, you can explore many ways to make the song sound different from the original. However, if you wish to play exactly the same way as the original song, you will need to find the original tab score or you have to listen and tabbed it out yourself. But of course there are popular patterns that suit that song best which you can use it, but you need not follow every single note or chord exactly.

This chapter should also get you excited as plucking will tend to make a song presentation acoustically beautiful and it always get your song started at a slow serene pace and gradually into a strumming climatic pace.

In Lesson 3, you learnt how to play Chords. At the very least, you should be able to strum any of the 6 common Chords properly, sounding  out every single notes clearly with no buzzing. Your Left Hand fingers plays an important role in pressing the Chords properly.

This Lesson will concentrate more on how your RIGHT HAND FINGERS pluck the strings of the Chords correctly.

Some general rules in plucking:
  • Whenever you pluck, move only your fingers, NOT your whole right hand or arm.
  • Pluck the strings at the area above the Sound Hole to have the most optimum tone.
  • When plucking a Chord, always use your right hand thumb to take care of the BASS Note of the Chord.
  • When plucking a Chord, always use your right hand fingers (Index, Middle and Ring) to take care of the Treble Strings.
  • As much as you can, assign each finger to take care of playing each treble string. Example: Index Finger will take care of String 3, Middle Finger will take care of String 2 and Ring Finger will take care of String 1.

Plucking Exercise 1

In an actual song presentation, you can mix and match different plucking patterns, strumming and all sorts of fanciful stuffs. We shall learn some common plucking patterns in this book to kick start!

The first plucking pattern you will learn is one of the most basic plucking pattern which can be applied and forms the fundamental plucking of a lot of pop songs. Lets call this plucking pattern: Pattern A

Take note that now it is still 4Beats in a Bar, but we split each Beat into Half a Beat which gives us 8 Half beats in each Bar.
So instead of counting 1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4…we will count 1n2n3n4n,1n2n3n4n.. instead which will take care of all the intermediate notes you need to play.

Take note also of the Right Hand Finger plucking assignment to the correct strings. That is: Index Finger to Treble String 3G, Middle Finger to Treble String 2B, Ring Finger to Treble String 1E and Thumb to Bass Strings (4D, 5A, 6E).

If you have notice, the above plucking exercise is using the below pattern:

For every chord played in the above exercise, its always pluck 1 BASS and 7 TREBLES for every Bar in the sequential way describe in the pattern. Notice the 3 “T”s need not be always String 1,2,3. You can be creative and use String 2,3,4 or String 1,3,4 etc.

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