Saturday, June 21, 2014

Lesson 4 - Plucking Exercise 2

Lets now try a new Pattern B with some variations and with more chords:

Other than being a new plucking for you to practise,
  1. notice that we can have TWO chords in 1 Bar. This is very common in any song and the exercise will help you practise your chord changing.
  2. Also notice the last bar ends with a DOWN Stroke C chord strum instead of continuing the plucking pattern. This is analogous to how you will normally end a song, or its verse or chorus.
  3. Finally, the plucking pattern also features plucking two strings concurrently with middle finger (2B) and ring finger (1E) at the 2nd and 4th beat of each bar. Normally this is done to make the plucking slightly “heavier” and “fuller” before going to an even heavier plucking or strumming phase of the song.

The above plucking exercise is using the the 1st variation of Pattern B:

For the next Exercise, we use another variation of Plucking Pattern B, which is very common for many pop songs too. We simply replace the double concurrent notes at the 2nd and 4th beat of each bar with a single note. Do note also that the 4th Bar on Line 1 is using Pattern A for sake of making the plucking flow smoother.

The above plucking exercise is using the the 2nd variation of Pattern B:

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