Monday, June 23, 2014

Lesson 4 - Plucking Exercise 4 - 解脱 by 张惠妹

Lets try a more slightly more difficult plucking pattern. We shall call it Pattern C. This pattern is a very rhythmic and lively one. It tries to imitate the sound of percussion or drum playing together with your guitar. Instead of calling it plucking, we usually call it “Chopping”. Lets try the song 解脱 by 张惠妹.

First, let us look at a few new chords:

For the song above, we have TWO variations of Pattern C:

They differ at Beat 1 and Beat 1n which creates some variety in the pattern. Notice I use Pattern C2 at certain Chords like G, Am7/G and the G/B at Chorus. It is up to personal preference of where you want to use them to make your presentation better.

The common feature among the variations is that the “Chops” are always at the 2nd and 4th Beat.

Example of pop songs using this pattern quite intensively will be 普通朋友 by David Tao and 写一首歌 by 顺子

If you are interested in the full chords of this song as transcribed by me, you can try it out below at your own time:

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