Thursday, June 26, 2014

Lesson 4 - Plucking Exercise 5 - Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars

After learning so many plucking patterns, lets use them together in a a serious popular pop song! We shall play a short modified version of Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars!

In the above above exercise, you will notice that you have used Pattern A for the Verses and a modified version of Pattern C2 (I replaced the 4n beat with 3 treble of the chord instead of 1 bass)  for the Chorus. This gives you an idea how you can combined different Patterns for building up the mood of a song. You may also face difficulty in playing and singing at the same time, especially the words are not always at the exact beat positions. That is why I have tried my best to place the words and the chord notes in line so that it will help you in identifying the correct position, beat and timing to sing the words. You need not be perfect in this exercise to continue to the next section. Just remember to keep practising to get it right!

If you are interested in the full chords of this song as transcribed by me, you can try it out below at your own time:

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