Would You Like to Download My Full Song Directory and Access my Chords & Tabs easily on your PC, Laptop, Mac, iPad, iPhone and even Android Devices?

If your answer is YES, Good News! I have uploaded my Full Song Directory onto Google Drive!

Google Drive is supported on multiple platforms like Windows, iOS as well as Android by Web Browser and even App level!

This means that you can view my Chords ANYWHERE and ANYTIME with your PC, Laptop, Macbook, iPad, iPhone or any of your favorite Android Tablets or Devices!

All you need to do is to sign up for an affordable Membership with me!


·         Access my FULL SONG DIRECTORY easily with Google Drive!

·         EASY NAVIGATION as my Full Song Directory Folders are organized by Language, Artiste’s Group, Artiste’s Gender and Artiste Name!

      Web Browser

      PC/ Laptop/ Macbook Local Google Drive


·        Chords are in image (.jpg) format which are EASILY VIEWABLE even in 2-page mode on your PC, Laptop, Macbook, iPad, iPhone or any of your favorite Android Tablets or Devices!

·         Full Song Directory is REGULARLY UPDATED with new Chords & Tabs and they are AUTOMATICALLY SYNCED REALTIME to your Google Drive on your devices as long as you are connected online!

·         Full Song Directory INCLUDES PREMIUM CONTENTS like FULL TABS which must be originally purchased from my blog!

·         GREAT for performing musicians for those impromptu moments and also for casual musicians who just wants to have PORTABLE CHORDS ON-THE-GO!

How to Download & Access my Full Song Directory

1)    Sign up for a Google Account & Activate your GoogleDrive.

2)    Download Google Drive App on your PC, Laptop, Macbook, iPad, iPhone or any of your favorite Android Tablets or Devices which you need to access my Full Song Directory.

3)    Select a for a Membership Type of your Choice:

a)  1-Year Membership of my Full Song Directory at SGD24.95

b)  2-Year Membership of my Full Song Directory at SGD39.95 (20% Savings!)

c)  3-Year Membership of my Full Song Directory at SGD49.95 (33% Savings!)

And Email me your request at with:

Ø Email Subject: Full Song Directory Membership Request

Ø Email Body:
ü  Your Full Name
ü  Your Google Drive Account Email (* important! I need this to add you to access my Google Drive!)
ü  Your Bank Account Number OR Paypal Account
ü  Membership Type to Purchase: (eg. 3-Year Membership of my Full Song Directory at SGD49.95)
ü  Your Contact Number (if any).

·      If you are residing in Singapore with a local bank account, you can pay by bank transfer to my POSB Savings Account.

·      If you are not residing in Singapore, you can use PayPal to transfer to my PayPal Account. (Prevailing Exchange Rates applies according to PayPal.)

4)    Upon receiving your Email Request, I will reply you my Bank Account Number or PayPal Account email to facilitate your transfer.

5)    After you have transferred the Membership Fee, email me your fee transfer transaction details.

6)    Upon receiving your email, I will verify your fee transfer and add your email to the Full Song Directory Share Folder as a READ-ONLY Collaborator.

I will then notify through email that you will are successfully added as a member and able to access and download my Full Song Directory.

7)    Download & Access my Full Song Directory on your Google Drive to your favorite devices and enjoy!

Terms & Conditions

1)    Remember that you only have READ-ONLY access, so whatever you DELETE or CHANGE on your local Google Drive folder will NOT reflect back to my original files and folders in my Google Drive.

If you attempt to do any changes to the files or folders, Google Drive will NOT SYNC back the original state and I will NOT be responsible and will not entertain any request to solve your deleted file issues.

2)    Membership Duration starts from the day I notify you of your access.

I will email notify you when your Membership Expires and offer you renewal option of the latest current membership fee. If you choose not to renew, your access will be revoked.

3)    Google Drive installation, setup, how-tos and issues are NOT within my responsibility. Please read them up yourself here.

4)    The Membership Service ONLY covers Downloading & Accessing my Full Directory of Song Chords including premium content like Full Tabs currently in my blog.

It DOES NOT include your request for Chords or Tabs or any other related contents.

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