Monday, March 15, 2010

周杰伦 - First Kiss - Secret's OST (Duet Version Guitar TABS)

Hi Guys,

I guess alot of you (especially Jay Chou's fans) should have watch the movie SECRET by Jay Chou before.

There are so many touching music pieces by him ranging from fast to romantic simple pieces. One of the guitar piece I find it soothing is called "First Kiss". Below's a youtube video embedding of the mp3 by one youtube user ex4zngod.

Recently, one of my student requested me to make a Duet Guitar Version of the solo guitar tabs he found online for this song.

You can download it in PDF format HERE.

For this Guitar Tab I made, it is absolutely FREE :)

Enjoy this with a friend.


Monday, January 18, 2010

SNSD - Into The New World (Chords)

Chords As Requested by Randy

Cover Reference by Youtube User: flakboar

Note: I did not follow all chords used by flakboar. The above video is used as rough study reference of how the song is being played on 1 guitar.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

周杰伦 - 最长的电影 (吉他谱 Chords + Cover)

**UPDATED with INTRO TABS below**

Note: In the video, I played down 1semitone, hence Capo 3. Original song's in E, which is Capo 4.
Also note that my lyrics maybe slightly wrong due to the source I got from.


Tablatures of How to Pluck Intro for my above Cover of 最长的电影.

As requested by Youtube's user: bboyshow

FYI: I used Microsoft Excel to do Tablatures and then I print as image.

Its easier than using Word/ Notepad/ Textpad or any Guitar Tab Applications (may have better, but I am lazy to search for it). I think it should be very easy to understand :) Any questions, feel free to ask me.

Intro Tabs:

周杰伦 - 回到过去 (吉他谱 Chords + Cover)