Saturday, January 9, 2010

周杰伦 - 最长的电影 (吉他谱 Chords + Cover)

**UPDATED with INTRO TABS below**

Note: In the video, I played down 1semitone, hence Capo 3. Original song's in E, which is Capo 4.
Also note that my lyrics maybe slightly wrong due to the source I got from.


Tablatures of How to Pluck Intro for my above Cover of 最长的电影.

As requested by Youtube's user: bboyshow

FYI: I used Microsoft Excel to do Tablatures and then I print as image.

Its easier than using Word/ Notepad/ Textpad or any Guitar Tab Applications (may have better, but I am lazy to search for it). I think it should be very easy to understand :) Any questions, feel free to ask me.

Intro Tabs:

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