Guitar Lesson FAQ

Guitar Lessons FAQ

Q1: What Style of Guitaring do you teach?

Ans: I teach Sing-Guitaring or what we formally called it as Accompaniment Guitaring which by you play rhythm to accompany your singing or another vocalist’s singing.

Song Genres mainly English Pop, Mandopop, Classics and Oldies.

Q2: What Levels do you teach?

Ans: I teach Absolute Beginners, Beginners with some Background and Intermediate Level Guitarists who needs more guidance for improvement.


Q3: Do you teach kids?

Ans: No. This is more of an Adult Guitar Course.

I will usually prefer teaching students 18 and above who can have a better sense of responsibility and make their own decisions. But I may make exceptions upon a case by case basis.

The syllabus is also not suitable for kids as the songs involved are not catered for their age group.

Q4: Do you teach Fingerstyle Guitaring?

Ans: I teach limited Fingerstyle which are infused into Sing-Guitaring as mostly Intro, Interlude and Outro parts, so as to make your Sing-Guitaring more attractive and presentable to your audiences.

However, I don’t teach pure Instrumental Fingerstyle Solo pieces.
Because this will demand vast experience and skills from the student, and it will require special syllabus course to guide through, and it is not easy to teach too.

I do play pure Instrumental Fingerstyle Solo pieces on my covers once in a while for leisure. But that does not mean I am able to teach them properly as teaching and playing fingerstyle is a totally different ball game.


Q5: Can you teach me to play any Sungha Jung or Tommy Emmanuel fingerstyle pieces?

Ans: It is good to be ambitious to learn songs from these legends. However, I am humble enough to admit that I am not at their level yet, and to clarify once again, I don’t teach pure Instrumental Fingerstyle Solo pieces.


Q6: Can I just learn ONE song instead of taking the whole beginner course?

Ans: Sure, if I assessed that you have the skills, level and knowledge, you will be able to do Intermediate Song-based Lesson.

However, if you do not, you will have to start from Beginner course.


Q7: What are your Lesson Rates?

Ans: Check out for Lesson Rates.

Q8: Do you provide Lesson Materials?

Ans: Yes! If you are a Beginner, you will be taking my Beginner Course, and you will need to purchase my Beginner Lesson Book at a One Time Fee of $50, which includes softcopy and demo videos, as well as a printed black & white hardcopy.

If you are an Intermediate Student, you will be doing Song-Based Lessons, and I will print Song Sheets for you.


Q9: Where is your Lesson Venue?

Ans: I am currently located at Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8.

It is just next to Ang Mo Kio MRT Station.


Q10: Is Guitar provided for Student use at Lesson Venue?

Ans: Yes! Guitar, Capo, Tuner, Picks, Guitar Stand, Music Score Stand, Chair, Foot Stool and Writing Materials are all provided for Student use. Lesson Venue is Air-Conditioned too.

All Equipment above are disinfected and sanitised after every lesson too!


Q11: How is your Lesson Schedule like?

Ans: I teach from 1015AM to 930PM on Weekdays (Except Tuesdays & Thursdays), and from 1015AM to 330PM on Weekends.

Check my Weekly Schedule Slots Here:


Q12: How is Lesson Fee Payment done?

Ans: For ONE Time Ad-Hoc Lessons (for Intermediate Students who only do Single Ad-Hoc Lessons), you will pay Lesson Fee at end of Lesson by Cash or Bank Transfer/ PayNow/ PayLah! (preferred).

For Regular Frequency Multiple Lessons Per Month Students (especially Beginner Students taking Beginner Course), you will pay the next Month Lesson Fee latest by the 1st Lesson of that Month after we finalised schedule for the next month.

Similarly, Payment Mode will be by Cash or Bank Transfer/ PayNow/ PayLah! (preferred).


Q13: What if I am unable to come for a Scheduled Lesson?

Ans: We will re-arrange and schedule it to be a Makeup Lesson. You are only allowed to Makeup ONCE. Subsequent changes will forfeit that Lesson.

If you are unable to schedule a Makeup, the Lesson will be put to Makeup Credits, which can be cleared in future.

However, you must inform me at least 2 hours before the scheduled lesson that you wish to re-schedule, else, it will be forfeited.


Q14: What if I need to take a long break from Lesson such as Vacation, Exams, Reservice, etc?

Ans: You will simply let me know as soon as you know, and you will need to pay an Advance Resuming Month Fee for the resuming Month before you go for your break.


Q15: What if I will be late for class?

Ans: If you know that you will be late, please inform me on your estimated arrival timing.

However, your Lesson Time will not be extended and will end at the same scheduled end time. This is because any extension will overshoot into my interval time or the lesson time of the next student. 

Please try not to be late, as every Lesson will require certain duration to teach properly for you to learn well.



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