Saturday, November 28, 2009

周杰伦 - 搁浅 (吉他谱 Chords + Cover)

For 搁浅 standalone, the original chords are as below. On the left is played using F family of chords, which is slightly not very "finger-friendly" to play with as there are alot of barred chords. On the rightis played using Capo 5: Play C, which is simpler to play with.

For 天空 standalone, the original chords are as below:

For the medley I did in the above video, I played 搁浅 in D key (by Capo 2: Play C) else 天空 will be too high to hit.

林忆莲 - 爱上一个不回家的人 (吉他谱 Chords + Cover)

Male's Key on right and female's original key on left:

Super Junior - Sorry Sorry (Cover + Chords)

SNSD - Gee (Chords)

SNSD Original:

Super Junior Cover:

徐佳莹 - 身骑白马 (吉他谱 Chords + Cover)

Male Version Chords as covered aboved:

Female Original Chords:

徐佳莹 - 哼情歌 (吉他谱 Chords + Cover)

For chords below, left page is for Female Key and right page is for Male Key as played in the above video.
Female's original chords on left is courtesy of Mr Joseph Ong - a friend of mine who is quite an establish guitarist. Feel free to check out his guitar chords blog at
Male chords on right is transposed and done by me.

The Cranberries - Linger (Cover + Chords)

Male Key:

Eagles - Heart of the Matter (Chords)

Dear All, Youtube has removed my Video Cover for this song due to Copyright Infringement Issues which I felt was weird as many people were also doing covers for this song as per now. So I shall embed the original version here for you to reference the chords below.


Raynor Yeo - 我要自由 (Original Demo + 吉他谱 Chords)

My own composition and lyrics ^^"

Inspired from my determination to resigned from my job for freedom and to be my own boss! Enjoy!~

Demo Version

Rock Version

Note: For Rock Version, ending chords I added:
G# (IV) -> A# (VI) -> C (VIII)

Friday, November 27, 2009

郭富城 - 对你爱不完 (吉他谱 Chords + Cover)


Radiohead - High & Dry (Chords + Cover)

周杰伦 - 时光机 (吉他谱 Chords + Cover)

Original Key:

My Key:

周杰伦 - 说好的幸福呢 (吉他谱 Chords + Cover)


林宇中 - 靠岸 (吉他谱 Chords + Cover)

Michael Buble - Quando Quando Quando (Chords + Cover)

杨宗纬 - 洋葱 (吉他谱 Chords + Cover)

周杰伦 - 阳光宅男 (吉他谱 Chords + Cover)

周杰伦 - 白色风车 (吉他谱 Chords + Cover)


周杰伦 - 退后 (吉他谱 Chords + Cover)

Oasis - Don't Look Back In Anger (Chords + Cover)

周杰伦 - 我不配 (吉他谱 Chords + Cover)


周杰伦 - 蒲公英的约定 (吉他谱 Chords + Cover)


周杰伦 - 彩虹 (吉他谱 Chords + Cover)

周杰伦 - 不能说的秘密 (吉他谱 Chords + Cover)