Monday, December 24, 2012

Revision of Guitar Lesson Rates & Policies

Dear All,

Merry X'mas & Happy 2013!

This is to inform you that My Guitar Lessons Rates & Policies have been revised for year 2013 as below:


1)    Individual 1-to-1
·         Rates: $35/1hr OR $45/1.5hr
·         Promotion:
Monthly Booking, Once Per Week (4 x 1.5hr) at $160 (Save $20!)

2)    Pair 2-to-1
·         Rates: $30/1hr OR $40/1.5hr
·         Promotion:
Monthly Booking, Once Per Week (4 x 1.5hr) at $140 (Save $20!)

3)    Individual 1-to-1 @ Your Home
·         Rates: $60/1.5hr
·         Promotion:
Monthly Booking, Once Per Week (4 x 1.5hr) at $220 (Save $20!)

Highlight Changes:

1) Basic Lesson Duration is reduced from 2hrs to a more compact and less tiring 1.5hrs.

2) Advance Lesson Hours Booking Promotion is removed and replaced with a simpler & cheaper Monthly Booking System.

3) Only ONE Makeup Lesson is allowed per Monthly Booking. Any further cancellations will be forfeited.

4) Makeup Lessons must always be made within the cancelled lesson week or week after. If it is the week after, there will be two Lessons occurring during that week. No Pushing of Lessons will be allowed.

5) Thus, Monthly Lesson Fee must always be paid on the 4th Lesson Week of the Monthly Booking no matter Makeup Lessons is involved or not.

6) Fortnightly Lesson has been removed. If student wished to come on irregular/ad-hoc basis, he or she can still do so based on Full Lesson Rates and pay per lesson.

The Revised Rates & Policies will apply to all Students (Current & New).

For Current Students, the Revised Rates & Policies will apply after your last Advance Booking Lesson of the old booking system. By default, you will pay by Monthly Booking System and make your payment on the last Advance Booking Lesson.

For the full details, please go to my Lesson Details Page.

Thank you!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Download My Full Song Directory!

Would You Like to Download My Full Song Directory and Access my Chords & Tabs easily on your PC, Laptop, Mac, iPad, iPhone and even Android Devices?

If your answer is YES, Good News! I have uploaded my Full Song Directory onto Google Drive!

Google Drive is supported on multiple platforms like Windows, iOS as well as Android by Web Browser and even App level!

This means that you can view my Chords ANYWHERE and ANYTIME with your PC, Laptop, Macbook, iPad, iPhone or any of your favorite Android Tablets or Devices!

All you need to do is to sign up for an affordable Membership with me!


·         Access my FULL SONG DIRECTORY easily with Google Drive!

·         EASY NAVIGATION as my Full Song Directory Folders are organized by Language, Artiste’s Group, Artiste’s Gender and Artiste Name!

·        Chords are in image (.jpg) format which are EASILY VIEWABLE even in 2-page mode on your PC, Laptop, Macbook, iPad, iPhone or any of your favorite Android Tablets or Devices!

·         Full Song Directory is REGULARLY UPDATED with new Chords & Tabs and they are AUTOMATICALLY SYNCED REALTIME to your Google Drive on your devices as long as you are connected online!

·         Full Song Directory INCLUDES PREMIUM CONTENTS like FULL TABS which must be originally purchased from my blog!

·         GREAT for performing musicians for those impromptu moments and also for casual musicians who just wants to have PORTABLE CHORDS ON-THE-GO!

Read more about it here!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Peabo Bryson & Regina Belle - A Whole New World (Chords)

Original (Need to change many will go crazy)

Easy Version (Modified. Only change key once!)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Addition of Full Song Directory Page

Dear All,

I have added a Full Song Directory Page on the Top Right Hand Side of this Blog's Navigation Menu.

The Song Directory is sorted and grouped by Artistes'/ Groups'/ Bands' Name (Last Name for Chinese and First Name for Non-Chinese) and will definitely benefit those who wished to have a great overview of my growing chord collection.

Thank you for dropping by! =)