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Thank you for your interest in my self-written Guitar eLesson Book! If you have seen my YouTube covers and wished to play like me, this book is for you.

My style is accompaniment or sing-guitaring fused with technics of fingerstyle. It means you play guitar to accompany your own or someone else’s singing.

My genre of covers includes a mixture of Chinese & English pop, sentimental, ballad, and soft rock.

Topics covered in this book:
  • General introduction to Guitar Types and Parts
  • Guitar Holding and Playing Posture
  • Finger Nail Length Recommendations for both hands
  • 7 Items you will need to kick start your guitar playing journey
  • Open String Notes
  • Basic music theory and basic counting in music (without the difficult & confusing notations)
  • Overview of Notes on a Guitar Fret
  • Reading Tablatures
  • Playing Basic Scales
  • Playing Basic Chords
  • Strumming and Basic Strumming Methods
  • Plucking and Basic Plucking Methods
  • Mixing different strumming and plucking methods
  • Transposition & Keys
  • Using a Capo
  • Catching Keys & Chords of Songs

Sample songs are also used in exercises for every relevant topic to give you a more fun learning experience. Videos are included to give you a clearer picture of my coaching and to improve your confidence.

I also tried my best to NOT include the boring and unnecessary contents like other beginner guitar books so that your learning process is more streamlined.

A lot of concepts, tools and method use in this book maybe considered as “unorthodox” and unconventional from other resources you can find in market and web. But yet they will still let you achieve the same goals of accomplishing basic guitar playing. That’s why my book is special and great for you!

The Full Contents of the eLesson Book is as follows:
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  • Lesson 1: Preparatory
    • Parts of the Guitar
    • Guitar Playing Posture
    • Your Fingers
    • 7 Items You Need to Kickstart

  • Lesson 2: Open String, Basic Theory & Scales
    • Notes on Your Guitar
    • Reading Tablatures
    • Playing Your First Scale – C Major Scale at 1st Position
    • Playing C Major Scale from 5th POSITION
    • Advance Scales - G Major Scale
    • Your First Song on Tabs - Somewhere Over the Rainbow

  • Lesson 3: Chords & Rhythm Playing
    • How to Read a Chord Diagram?
    • Playing Your C MAJOR CHORD
    • 6 Common Chords of the C MAJOR KEY
    • Chord Progression Exercise 1
    • Chord Progression Exercise 2
    • Chord Progression Exercise 3 - Somewhere Over the Rainbow

  • Lesson 6: Transposition & Keys
    • KEY
    • Transposition & Keys Exercise 1
    • Transposition & Keys Exercise 2
    • Transposition
    • Transposition & Keys Exercise 3
    • Movable Chords
    • How to use the Capo?

  • Lesson 7: Catching Keys & Chords of Songs
    • STEP One: FIND the Key
    • STEP Two: FIND the Chords
    • Finale Exercise: Finding Key & Chords
    • Book Conclusion

This FULL VERSION also contains BONUS Materials, Videos, Additional Tabs which I only share with my Lesson Students only!

The cost of this eBook is even CHEAPER than attending a SINGLE Guitar Lesson of mine! 
Don't wait, BUY it NOW if you are serious in learning Guitar!

Thank you for your support!

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