Lesson Types

Fundamental Course

  • Tailored for absolute beginners & budding guitarists who wish to build a solid foundation on their fundamentals before tackling songs on an intermediate level.

  • Lesson Highlights
    • Reading Tablatures, Basic Music Theory (without formal notations), Basic Scales
    • Chords, Chord Formulas, Chord Derivation, Keys, Transposition
    • Plucking & Strumming Patterns with Actual Songs
    • Fingerstyle Intros, Interludes for you to stand out from other beginners!
    • Song Presentation
    • Catching Keys & Chords of Songs
    • And many more!
  • Prerequisite: Students must be absolute beginner or near beginner level.

Song Based Lessons

  • For Students who wish to learn specific songs or play the songs in an advance level.
  • Prerequisite: Students must have either completed my Fundamental Course OR assessed by myself to qualify. 

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