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Here are Testimonials from my Guitar Students:

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Pang Zhi Kang said...

Hello people!!

My name Zhi Kang, so here am i going to write my testimonal for my sensei, shifu, teacher, actually hes more like a brother to me. I came to know him after watching his clip in youtube. Really jawdrop when i saw his performance. Therefore drop him a mail and i was shocked that he replied. Anw i am his first student!
To those people out there, anyone whos interested in learning guitar, hes the right guy for you, able to simplify teaching to cater to anyone compare to those professional music company who start from the very very basic like learning taogai, yucks! But he can also teach like those pro in the music company, but i prefer to go the no rule style.To each preference. Anw hes very patient with his teaching,also whatever you want to learn, he can hit to the SPOT! value for money!! So guys what are you waiting for! Drop him a text in his blog and ask for his services soon!!

To Chin Wee

Thanks for the 2 months of tuitiong teaching or coaching, really enjoyed my time under your tutelage, hope you will be able to do well in this line!!

Pang Zhi Kang

Charlie Lim said...

Hey everyone!

Im Charlie, and I am going to share my learning experience with you guys. Basically, his lessons are very relaxed and you can ask whatever you wish to know, be it some basic questions like what an E is or even a request to teach you songs that you like. I remember requesting 不能说的秘密 and he actually tabbed it overnight as my lesson was on the next day. How efficient and hardworking!

He is also a very nice guy whom is willing to repeatedly do demos of songs that I cannot get right. He is definitely a good teacher and a nice friend to have!

By the way, even if you are totally new to guitar, don't be shy to approach him, because he teaches beginners as well. And I started learning from him with zero music background. So what are you waiting for? =D


TOBY said...


I came to know Chin Wee through his cover of Dui Ni Ai Bu Wan on youtube. and loved it! trust me, till today, more than 3 months later, i still listen to his cover like at least once a day.

So first i tried learning it by myself, and somehow it wasn't very good, so i requested to take a lesson from him.

I was surprised when i stepped into his room. he had this big screen to display the chords, made it seem very professional!

As for the lesson, it was, simple, random, but most importantly, he managed to teach me all i needed to know and more! With his simple 1 lesson, i managed to learn and improvise on some strumming patterns and play many other songs!

What more, he is so nice as to tab out the song for me, and even after my lesson, he'll help me with trivia noob questions!

For such a low rate and fruitful lesson, it was really worth it! (=

Anonymous said...

Raynor is an amazing teacher with a passion in guitar and teaching. He goes all out to understand his students learning needs and help them play better by preparing personalize tabs and guitar chords and emailing the tabs prior or after lesson. Flexible and easy going and able to accommodate to different song request. This shows how a fabulous teacher he is. Very well verse with many mandarin and English songs. Couldn't have a better guitar teacher! Thank you!!!

From Sadge

Anonymous said...

Saw Raynor several youtube post in 2011 and was mesmerized by his works. Has been trying to engage this wonderful shifu then but was told that he has temp suspended all teachings until recently i received an email informing us that he has resumed his teachings and will be taking in new students. Immediately registered with him and till now has not regretted. He is a patience, deligent and friendly teacher. Lessons were always very enjoyable and I look forwards to every lesson with him. Lesson was very systematic and well placed to suit me. A great musician and shifu!!!

Yang Lu said...

Hi guys,
As a absolute guitar beginner, I feel so lucky to meet someone professional like Raynor. He encourage me a lot. Before each session, he sends me all the related notes, n remind me the time. Enjoyable lessons!!Remarkable teacher!!:)LOL............

Anonymous said...

hi all,

i was looking around for a guitar teacher for the longest time until i chanced upon raynor's youtube videos and guitar blog. I was impressed by his delication and passion to music, that i knew he would be the right teacher for me.

I have been attending the fundamental course for around 2 mths ever since. And I really like how he had carefully thought out the lesson plans so that his students can learn and work on different techniques and songs every week. Lessons are simple to follow,stressed-free and based on your own pace. You can also ask him on songs that you interested on top of the lessons plan. so lesson is nv boring!

P.S. he is not as serious as how he looks in his video, in fact he's a really friendly and nice teacher!


Anonymous said...

I got to know Raynor through a live performance. I was impressed with the way he played the guitar! That's how I started taking his lessons.

Raynor is a patient and encouraging teacher. He is dedicated in his teaching. His course materials are comprehensive and reader-friendly. Raynor is flexible in his teachings as he tailors his pace of teaching according to the learning speed of his students.

Going for his lesson is definitely worth the investment of time and $ :)


Anonymous said...


I'm Sarah. Raynor is a good teacher. For an absolute beginner just like me, totally zero music background, he is the best teacher ever! He teaches his student patiently and he is friendly too. You can ask whatever question that you want to ask and learn any songs that you want to learn. For those who wants to learn guitar,you should come and join! Don't hesitate! :D

Cheryl Lee Wen Xsin said...

Hello, I am Cheryl Lee and I have been having guitar lessons with Raynor for a period of 3 months already. I have to say that I have no regrets signing up for lessons with Raynor. His lessons are very enjoyable, engaging and fun yet at the same time very enriching and very effective. Raynor's lessons are flexible and very personalised to our learning potential. What I really enjoy about his lessons are that he maintains ground for excellent quality in his teaching through ensuring that we learn and progress but in a very relaxing and enjoyable manner that allows us to enjoy and appreciate the art of guitar playing without having to be too stressed out. He is one very patient and dedicated teacher who has never once loss his cool over the mistakes that I would make over and over. Instead, he takes time to guide us and encourage us. As I continue on with lessons with Raynor, I have only grown to enjoy playing the guitar even more and more.

In addition, Raynor teaches us songs that we would like to learn. We just have to let him know the songs we would like to learn to play on our guitar and Raynor would take the time to prepare tabs for the songs. His tabs are very comprehensive.

Raynor is definitely a creditable guitar teacher that I would most definitely recommend to any of my friends should they be interested in learning the guitar.


Anonymous said...

I am Wei Ling and having learnt guitar from Raynor for the past six months, I am here to share my awesome learning experience.

Raynor's guitar lessons are well-planned and effective. Each lesson, students will get to learn and work on a different guitar technique and then apply it to a song. No worries if one is a slow learner as Raynor will patiently guide you on how to correct your mistakes at the side. It is definitely a joy to learn guitar from Raynor as his friendly and easy going personality never fails to make each lesson an enjoyable one.

So, if you are looking for a fabulous and passionate guitar teacher to perfect your guitar techniques, i strongly recommend Raynor! :D

lostchild said...

Hi! I'm Bervyn.

I have learnt guitar on my own for about 4 years, but i had many questions and wasnt sure how to take my skills to the next level, and wasnt even sure whether i got the basics down right. So i chose to go for Raynor's lessons. And to be honest, i didnt regret a single bit:) Let me give you a couple of reasons why:

1) His lessons are much cheaper than the market rate($40 per 1.5 hours, 4 lessons a month) (normally, outside lessons charge $50 per HOUR)

2) He is passionate about guitar AND teaching guitar. During his lessons, you can ask him about ANYthing and he does his best to help you.

3) Lessons are fruitful and when you look back, you will be amazed at how much you've learnt.

So, what are you waiting for?

Victor Han said...

No musical background in instruction or even never try Guitar playing in your whole life regardless of your aged group like me forwarding to the era of 60 years old with current common shortcomings of reaction slow, eye power drop, hearing not so clear, hand coordination poor not so like young people, worse still I am Chinese education background ....etc.

I strongly recommend you all those intended learner to look for Raynor who is a young talented Guitarist with his renowned live band Music Box in many numerous public occasions. As his beginning learner for few months under his patient coaching, I can ensure you will be blessed with this young Guitar Guru with his unique way of teaching method in mastering guitar skills within a short period of time.

In my simple saying, just look for this guitar Guru.......the most cost effective in getting more what you are paying through Guitar learning from Raynor !

Shi Xiong said...

Hi all
Raynor is a talented and dedicated tutor. He is committed to teach and impart all his knowledge to his student. I have learned so much from his lesson that i am able to and are going playing a full sing & play to my fiancee (wish me good luck).

If you are willing to learn, and diligent to practice and complete his assignment each week, please look for Raynor, he will shape you up to become a real guitarist.

His style of teaching is never boring, very jovial when chatting but serious when he is teaching. Very patient despite me repeating the mistake multiple time. He could patiently teach technique and small amount of theory in a very easy to understand method for slow learners like myself haa.

Last but not least, we must do our part to practice, a tutor is only to teach and guide. To learn and master it, depends on yourself.

To fellow guitarist undergrad, jia you! don't give up halfway! me too!

I am also looking forward to resume my lesson with Raynor when the time are possible. cheers!

r3^mEs said...

Hello all,

For all who want to start your learning trip on guitar, Raynor is the guy you should approach.

He knows his stuff and is very detail in his lesson. He is really patient in teaching i would say as he to ensure i get it right before we move on to more difficult level (as i make a lot of mistake).

Nevertheless, Practise is really very important. So we have to play our part too in order to fly faster.

Jia you all!
And thanks Raynor for being a wonderful teacher!! :)

Anonymous said...

Raynor is a wonderful teacher to have! He is very encouraging and will tailor the lessons to your interests and proficiency level. He creates very comprehensive chord sheets and tabs to follow. During the lesson, he will bring you through what you need to know for each part of the song, phrase by phrase. Through my lessons with him, I've learnt alot of new techniques and songs that I've always wanted to learn but never knew where to start. He's well-versed in both English and Mandarin songs, which is a great plus. He is also flexible and makes reasonable accommodations to my work schedule.

I really enjoyed taking classes with him, and I believe you will too!

GuoTong :)

Anonymous said...

大家好! 我是Bram.

经过这几个月的吉他训练班, 我认为 Raynor 是一位耐心与细心的导师。

如果您正在寻找一位吉他导师, 他是一位我会强烈介绍给您的导师!


- Bram

Anonymous said...

Raynor is a very passionate guitar teacher. His lessons are very well structured with very detailed learning materials. His systematic teaching approach is very suitable for learners like me who needs very precise information and guidance. A very motivating and encouraging teacher. I am very thankful to him for his patience, as I am a super slow learner with no music background and a bit tone deaf. He is able to provide a stress free and relaxing learning environment. His charges are also reasonable and lesson timing suits my current life style. Highly recommended, especially for working adults and students. You will be able to find a time slot to match your busy schedule.

-Celine (Wei Ping)

Christina said...

I first heard of Raynor through a friend who knew someone learning with him (apparently this student of his travels all the way from Jurong to Khatib to attend his lessons - I thought that was an indication of how good he is.) Anyway, it has been a few months of lessons with Raynor and I found him to be a patient and jovial teacher who is also quick to identify mistakes in your playing and suggest improvements (which are usually very effective). Lessons are structured with clear learning materials and video tutorials to watch at your own time in case you need to recap while practising. I like how he provides a guitar so we don't need to bring our own. Also Raynor is accommodating with regards to rescheduling of lessons.

I enjoyed Raynor's lessons and will definitely recommend him to my friends who are interested in learning the guitar :)

Xin Ying said...




Daniel said...

Hi there.
I have been attending Raynor's course for more than 6 months and I can say i really like his lessons.
I was an absolute beginner. I tried teaching myself but in the end really cannot make it. During his lessons he taught me different types of playing techniques that I never thought I would be able to learn myself. After attending his lessons, I'm able to play the songs that he had taught me.
To beginners like me, take up his lessons. You will enjoy learning from him.

xavier chowder said...

Raynor has been my guitar mentor for the past 2 years. I am quite thankful that I did approached him for a cover he did for 晴天。Initially I only had some questions on the cover he did. However he is very thoughtful to recommend a course of fundamental on acoustic guitar. Initially I thought why not..? No harm picking it up. But after I met him, I am very impressed on his skills set as well as knowledge he has on music. He inspired me to have a better understanding on this instrument and had stimulated the passion in me. Began from someone who can't even strum a simple chord right to someone who knows so much of distinctive strumming pattern, plucking style as well as a range of diverse chords; I find him really impressive. Despite that he is also someone who is very much well organized on his lesson plan and for working adult like me all my lessons has been well scheduled. In addition, he will also go the extra mile to do chord sheets for student when they request to have a better understanding on the song they are keen to learn. I am really thankful for all the knowledge he had taught me for the past 2 years, if I had a chance, I would love to continue to pursue the advance lesson which he does offer as well. If you are looking for a incredible guitar teacher --> this young man, no doubt! If you have further hesitation, browse through his YouTube cover you will realize how awesome he is!

Julian Lee said...

Hi everyone!

If you guys are looking for a professional guitar instructor, look no further cuz Raynor is the real deal! Raynor is patient, encouraging, motivating n most importantly, committed to seeing you improve as a guitar player! It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or intermediate player, under Raynor's guidance, you will definitely speed up your learning process.
I'm sure you have seen his YouTube channel, be sure to check out his rendition of Aaron Kwok's 对你爱不完 and dun forget to subscribe!
Wishing you all the best in your guitar journey, cheers!

Julian (student)

Miyazaki Erina said...

Have been taking raynor class for a few months and i feel i had improved alot in my guitar skills. From not able to read guitar chords/tabs to able to read and play simple songs! His materials were easy to understand which makes it really easy for beginners like me.Plus his materials were all done by him, this just show how passionate he is in his work and guitar.

Am really thankful to raynor for being patient and encouraging when teaching me despite me making many mistakes��
He also pinpoint my mistakes and suggest ways on how to correct them.
Anywayz, all the best and goodluck in your future endeavour!
Everyone ! do call up raynor if you are looking for guitar lesson! You will not regret it!