Guitar Lessons

I offer Guitar Lessons in Singapore for beginners and also students who have some background, already can play a little, but wish to improve more on presentation and play on a stage-performance level.

The Two Types of Lessons Offered are:

  1. Fundamental Course
  2. Song Based Lessons
Click here to see the outline and details of the lesson types.


  • Individual 1-to-1
    • Rates: $45/1hr
    • Promotion:  Monthly Booking, Once Per Week (4 x 1hr) at $160 (Save $20!)
  • Group 2-to-1
    • Rates: $40/1hr
    • Promotion:  Monthly Booking, Once Per Week (4 x 1hr) at $140 (Save $20!)

Guitar is provided at venue! No need to carry your heavy guitar to work and to my lessons or squeeze in the crowded MRT with it anymore!

Terms & Conditions

  • Lesson Fee Payment for Single Lessons must be made in Cash at the end of each lesson. 
  • Initial Lesson Fee Payment for Promotional Monthly Booking must be made by Bank Transfer or in Cash by the 1st Lesson.
  • Subsequent Lesson Fee Payment for Promotional Monthly Bookings will be collected during every 4th Lesson of the month.
  • Students are to give a one month notice for any lesson termination. 
  • There will be NO refund of Lesson Fee if students wished to terminate any monthly lessons prematurely.
  • Promotional Rates is for a limited time only and can be subjected to changes or replaced by new promotions.
  • Lesson Schedules
    • Students must book a fixed day and time of each week for Lessons (unless due to special circumstances like shift-based jobs, etc).
    • Click Here for the latest Lesson Schedule.
    • When booking Monthly Lessons Hours with me, Students must review the tentative scheduled Lesson Dates with me. If Student already foresees that they cannot attend any of the Scheduled Dates, alternative Lesson Dates must be scheduled within that month.
    • For Individual 1-to-1 Lessons:
      • In the event that the Student cannot attend any of the Scheduled Lesson Dates due to any unforeseen reasons, he or she must arrange a makeup lesson with me.
      • Only one makeup lesson  is allowed for every monthly booking. Any further cancellations will be forfeited.
      • The Makeup Lesson is highly recommended and must be arranged within the week of the cancelled lesson. If it is brought over to the week after, the Makeup Lesson AND the next Scheduled Lesson will have to be conducted within that same week.
      • If the Student failed to arrange a makeup lesson, that Cancelled Lesson will be forfeited.
    • For Group 2-to-1 Lessons:
      • In the event that the any of the Students in the group cannot attend any of the Scheduled Lesson Dates due to any unforeseen reasons, the lesson will be cancelled and forfeited, and no Makeup will be scheduled.
    • In the event that I have to cancel any Scheduled Lesson Dates due to any unforeseen reason, I will arrange Makeup Lesson with the Student the same way as above.
    • If the Makeup Lesson could not be arranged due to any reasons, I will push forward the lesson to the next available one and no forfeiting will be done.

Lesson Location

Lessons are conducted at my home near Khatib MRT Station at Yishun.

Lesson Environment

Lessons are conducted in a comfortable and cosy room with air-conditioning. Music Stands, Guitar Stands and Chairs will be provided. Lesson Materials are flashed on a 37Inch Samsung LCD TV.

How to Book & Enquire

  • Email me at with:
    • Subject: Guitar Lessons
    • Contents:
      • Student Name (s): 
      • Student Gender (s):
      • Student Age (s):
      • Student Mobile No. (s):
      • Lesson Type of Interest:
        • Fundamental Course
        • Song Based Lessons + Target Song to learn)
      • Rates Type of Interest:
        • Individual 1-to-1 ($45/1hr)
        • Individual 1-to-1 (Monthly Booking at $160)
        • Pair 2-to-1 ($40/1hr)
        • Pair 2-to-1 (Monthly Booking at $140)
      • Lesson Schedules Slot of Interest:
        • eg: Monday 1100 - 1230, Wednesday 1530 – 1700
      • Preferred Start Date:
        • eg: 8-Jan-10, 10-Feb-13
    • Attachment:  Download my Pre-Lesson Survey here, complete it and attach to your email to me.
  • You can also call/ sms me directly at +65 9489 9394 for any inquiries.

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