Guitar Lessons

I offer Guitar Lessons in Singapore for absolute beginners and also students who have some background, already can play a little, but wish to improve more on presentation and play on a casual basis or stage-performing level.

The THREE Types of Lessons Offered are:

  1. Beginner Fundamental Course for Performing Level
  2. Beginner Fundamental Course for Casual Players
  3. Advance Song-based Lessons for Performing Level
Click here to see the outline and details of the lesson types.

The FIRST Lesson will be a FREE Trial Lesson. It will be to discuss and know more about the lesson types, assess if the student is suitable for which type of lessons and also to inform the student on lesson policies.


  • Individual 1-to-1
    • Ad-Hoc Rate: $50/45mins
    • Monthly Rate: $180/Month (4x 45mins Lessons, Once Per Week)

Guitar is provided at venue! No need to carry your heavy guitar to work and to my lessons or squeeze in the crowded MRT with it anymore!

Students taking Beginner Fundamental Courses (1. and 2.) will be required to purchase my Guitar Lesson eBook - Raynor's Guitar Methodology for Absolute Beginner's - Fundamentals (2018 Edition) at one-time fee of $50. The eBook contains all Lesson Materials and demo videos required for lesson and practice. Students will receive:
  • PDF Version of the eBook (in color).
  • Demo Videos of Lesson Exercises package with the eBook. 
  • Printed & Binded Hardcopy Version of the eBook (in black & white).

Download Lesson Policies Here.

Click Here for the latest Lesson Schedule.

Lesson Location

Lessons are conducted at my home at Yishun.

Lesson Environment

Lessons are conducted in a comfortable and cosy room with air-conditioning. Student Guitar, Music Stands, Guitar Stands and Chairs will be provided. Lesson Materials are flashed on a 37Inch Samsung LCD TV.

How to Book & Enquire

Email me at with your:




Mobile Number

Lesson Type of Interest

·       Beginner Fundamental Course for Performing Level

·       Beginner Fundamental Course for Casual Players

·       Advance Song-based Lessons for Performing Level
Rates Type of Interest
·       Individual 1-to-1 (Ad-Hoc Rate: $50/45mins)

·       Individual 1-to-1 (Monthly Rate: $180/Month)
Lesson Schedules Slot of Interest
·       Example: Monday 1100 - 1145, Wednesday 1530 – 1700
Preferred Start Month
·       Example: Jan-16, Feb-16, Mar-16
Pre-Lesson Survey
·       Download my Pre-Lesson Survey here, complete it and attach to your email to me
You may also contact me (please Whatsapp/SMS 1st) directly at +65 9489 9394 for any inquiries.

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