Saturday, October 8, 2011

炎亚纶 & 刘力扬 - TiAmo (吉他谱 Chords)



wenqian-11-208 said...

Hi~ im have been looking for the guitar score of this song for a long time and i finally found it there. If im not wrong, you have deleted the video of the song, hasnt you? i hope you can upload the video again because im preparing a show for the concert in August and i desperately need someone to teach me playing the song in guitar. I really hope that you can help me and thank you so much..

Raynor said...

Hi Wenqian, I never delete the cover. The cover is the 2nd Video in this post - The Wedding Gig Cover done by me and my wedding live band. But the song is done with mainly keyboard and abit of guitar. However, chords are the same.

The 1st video is the original MV, but it was deleted by the youtube author.

If you need further help, drop me an email or add me on Facebook with a message, I see what I can do k ?

Tracy said...

Great blog- nice video! Thanks for sharing!